Artificial Intelligence for Hospitality

What we do

A.I. is intelligence demonstrated by machines. We use A.I. to intelligently identify and realize business opportunities in hospitality industry.

Why it matters

A.I. allows us to automate solving of complex and abstract problems - something that is not possible with traditional programming techniques. This opened a whole new and untapped bucket of opportunities that can be addressed now.

What is the future

In future world - where everyone will be using A.I. - we see most successful companies to be the ones that will use most precise A.I. This is where we come in.

Getting most of on-property sales without deteriorating your unique level of service

Amenity Recommender is A.I. based concept for increasing hotel revenues through personalized on-property upsell recommendations.

  • Amenity Recommender

    A.I. based and personalized on-property upsell tool.

  • Consistent communication toward guests on all channels

    Amity Recommender is integrated with various guest touchpoints to offer recommendations directly to the guest and at right moment.

  • Maximizing Total Guest Value

    Large impact on profit through small investment.

  • Completely new sales methodology

    Novel approach based on proprietary A.I. and extensive experience with managing 4 and 5 star hotels.

Amenity Recommender is a holistic concept comprised of proprietary A.I. and data science services, industry know-how, operative procedures, trainings and sales force transformation aimed at increasing hotel revenues through maximizing Total Guest Value.

In a nutshell, Amenity Recommender – for each particular guest, considering many parameters (even over 10 hydro-meteorological parameters) – identifies the guest’s interests and intent and tries to match it with the corresponding products or services offered by the hotel.

This results with significant increase in Total Guest Value and guest experience.

The system will be even more efficient by adding more and more links to more and more communication channels and data sources.

We encourage hotels to integrate with everything that can contribute to the goal of maximizing the Total Guest Value.

Our primary goal is increasing hotel revenues by maximizing Total Guest Value.

But there are other benefits as well, such as:

  • Consistent upsell communication toward the guest across various communication channels.
  • Empowering hotel personnel with data and insights needed for providing better service.
  • Powerful tool for orchestrating upsell campaigns.
  • A central repository of guests recommendations and interests.

Based on extensive experience with managing 4 and 5 star hotels, novel approach based on proprietary A.I. and trends in guests behaviors and expectations.

Comprised of:

  • transforming personnel into powerful sale force without
    deteriorating service level or corporate culture
  • implementing best practice articulated through prepared standard operating procedures
  • deploying proprietary A.I. platform
  • opening new communication channels toward guests and hotel personnel
  • a specialized sales skills training for your personnel

Amenity Recommender in practice

Selected use cases of Amenity Recommender in everyday hotel life.

At the front office

Upon guest arrival, front office personnel communicate recommendations with the guest.

In-room TV

Showing recommendations for each day of remaining part of the stay.

In-room voice technology

“Alexa, what can I do today?”

Marketing campaigns

Personal recommendations are added automatically to offers during marketing campaigns.

Our Services: Applied Intelligence

We apply Artificial Intelligence and Data Science concepts to open new opportunities for growth, efficiency and service quality of your hotel.

Apply A.I. to solve complex problems

Such as predicting overall hotel profit margins for selected guest characterization, predicting energy costs and many others.

We work with IT companies as well

We gladly help any company wishing to complement its solution with an A.I. based functionality.

About Us

In future world where everyone will be using A.I., most successful companies will be the ones with most precise one. This is where we come in. Like best watch makers, we focus on every detail to create highly accurate models.

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