Walking the AI talk

Who we are

We are a company of young – but experienced and professional – people dedicated and passionate at developing and delivering highly precise regression and classification models based on A.I. concepts. We enjoy working on A.I. and we developed our own methodology and technology for developing, delivering and deploying highly precise prediction models.

Our extensive experiences are from hospitality, strategy, data science and IT areas.

What we do

A.I. allow us to automate solving of complex and abstract problems – something that was not possible with traditional techniques. This opened a whole new and untapped bucket of opportunities that can be addressed now.

A.  We provide Data Science services to intelligently identify and realize business opportunities in hospitality industry.

  • We offer hoteliers our Amenity Recommender – an A.I. based and personalized on-property upsell tool.
  • Among with the tool, we provide help with integration with other hotel employee or hotel guest touchpoint technology.
  • Revising customer journey and underlying standard operating procedures to get most of Amenity Recommender is something that we do as well. So we wouldn’t leave you alone with the technology.
  • But we do not end here. We can help you identifying and realising the whole bucket of opportunities that were not possible with traditional programming. Such as predicting overall hotel profit margins for selected guest characterization, predicting energy costs and many others.
  • We can even help you with setting and deploying the A.I. strategy in your organisation.

B.  We provide services to hospitality technology providers as well.

  • We gladly help any company that would like to empower their solutions with A.I. Even with Amenity Recommender.


Why it matters

For hoteliers, this mean true transformation from reactive hotel to predictive one. The one that will be capable effectively upsell while improving guest experience. Guests do not fall anymore on tricks like hotels remembering guest’s preference on room setup. You can go way beyond this with us.

In future world where everyone will use A.I., most successful companies will be the ones with most precise A.I.

This is where we come in.

Like best watch makers, we focus on every detail to create highly accurate models for each individual client and purpose.